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Hi,Us The Duo here. Whether you’re a first time listener, a  faithful fan, or on this site by accident, we’re happy you found us. We’ll start off by saying that this past year has been pretty crazy. Going from a few hundred followers  to a few million has brought both wonderful and challenging moments, but through it all, we’re thankful to have each other. One of our favorite songs is “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. His lyrics explain the ups and downs in an inspiring way, and we've decided to put our own spin on it… you can watch here! As for the future, we’re currently writing new music, and we can’t wait to share our stories with you. In the meantime, we’re always making half-faced videos on Twitter, Vine, and Facebook, so stop by and say hello in a comment or two. Thanks for supporting us, listening to our music, and creating the super awesome hashtag #UsTheFamily. There'd be no Us The Duo without you! :)

With love,
Michael & Carissa

P.S. We just got into Snapchat, so expect some ridiculousness there.
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