Meet Mariana - The Stories Behind Us The Duo’s #PublicRecordEP

One month after her father passed away, Mariana challenged Us The Duo to write a song about saudade, a Portuguese word with no English translation, that describes a feeling of finding joy in sadness. Get to know Mariana and take a closer look at her story that inspired the track “Saudade” on our #PublicRecordEP. Five true fan stories. One visual EP. This is #PublicRecordEP Earlier this year, we reached out to our fans, #UsTheFamily, asking you to share your true stories of love, loss, triumph, and hope. Of the hundreds of entries, we chose five stories to be transformed into songs for our new visual EP. Watch the #PublicRecordEP in its entirety here: If you or someone you know is experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one, visit Hello Grief at for more information and resources. Subscribe to Us The Duo on YouTube: Subscribe to AT&T Hello Lab on YouTube: Come see us on tour! Tickets & dates here: AT&T Hello Lab Twitter: AT&T Hello Lab Instagram: AT&T Hello Lab Tumblr: Saudade Written by: Michael Alvarado, Carissa Alvarado, Nathan Thomas Performed by: Michael Alvarado and Carissa Alvarado