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Hi @CarissaAlvarado. It's your husband, @MichaelAlvarado. I know you're still asleep, but I wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day and that I love you. Today, I don't want you to worry about anything, so I went ahead and planned your day as seen in this photo. Here's your instructions: 1. Your favorite breakfast is awaiting you on the counter. Eat it. 2. There's a bouquet of roses for you on the table. Smell them. 3. There's a copy of The Notebook in the DVD player. Watch it. I'll join you. 4. There's a pair of your tennis shoes at the back door. Put them on. I'm taking you on a picnic lunch in the mountains. 5. There's a giant box of chocolates. Eat them all. I'll help. 6. There's a card asking you to be my Valentine. Check yes. 7. There's another small box of chocolates. Eat those too. I'll help. 8. There's a certain video game you love, Mario Kart 8, ready and waiting in the Wii U. Beat me like you always do. 9. Lastly, I'll be cooking you're favorite meal for dinner, joined by your favorite red wine and our favorite jazz playlist. Eat, drink, and save me a slow dance. I love you. - M



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