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#PublicRecordEP will now stand as one of our favorite things we've EVER done, in music & in life. You trusted us with your stories, you challenged us to write songs about them, and now we sit here in tears reading all the comments on these YouTube videos. This project is so much bigger than us, and your comments are reminding us of that. This is what music is all about... being honest, sharing real feelings, like love, heartbreak, death, abuse, sexuality, acceptance, self-confidence... and then seeing real people listen, and relate. Music ignites emotion... we've watched you smile, cry, dance, we've even read your messages &emails saying how you relate to this EP, and for first time in our lives, we finally understand the power of music. What an honor. From now on, and every future release, we promise to keep this passion for you, and for honesty, as our focus.



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