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No words can describe how much this first tour has affected us. We met so many beautiful people throughout North America, many whom we will never forget. If people coming to our shows wasn't amazing enough, you all managed to be the most kind and supportive groups of listeners we've ever played for. So with tear-filled eyes, we simply want to say thank you. Thank you to those who stood on their feet for hours to watch us play.. Thank you to those who screamed the words out to our songs... Thank you to all those we met or got letters/gifts from (we read every one!!)... And to those who couldn't make it or lived too far from our shows, THANK YOU for your support online and for following us every step of the way. Our hearts are full of love, hope, and excitement for life and music - we promise to keep touring and writing new songs in exchange for your gratitude. We love you and hope to see all of you soon!!!



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